We have a number of useful aids for the diagnosis of parafunction and for the treatment of jaw pain, and headache. We invite dental and medical professionals to download any of these aids for use free of charge. We also offer printed pads of our patient aid and practice aids via our online store. The printed pads provide for a more professional presentation to the patient, and full color photos aid in the understanding of patient instructions. There is no charge to download any of our tools, however, we do ask for basic identifying information to access downloads. See our privacy policy for more information. 

Useful Downloads For Dental Practices

Practice and Patient Aides

Jaw Pain Questionnaire

Dental Procedure Risk Assessment Table SAFE Protocol

Parafunction Risk Rating Table

Jaw Rx-ercises Patient Instructions

H.E.A.L.S. Self-Care Patient Instructions

Post-Op Healing Patient Instructions

QuickSplint Informed Consent

Objectives of the Speed2Treat Home Healing Kit for Healthcare Providers

Provider Recommendation to Try the Speed2Treat Kit

Referral to Clinicians Treating TMD, Facial Pain & Headache

For the complete Protocol documents click here

Order Forms

Drop-Ship Order Form for Speed2Treat® Home Healing Kit

QuickSplint Order Form for Fax

Order Form for Study Clubs and CE Course Samples

Instructions (IFU)

Speed2Treat Provider Instructions

Making a QuickSplint® with VPS and Putty

Patient Instructions (IFU) QuickSplint

Translated Patient (IFU) QuickSplint

Prescriber Instructions (IFU) QuickSplint English

Prescriber (IFU) QuickSplint Italian

Prescriber (IFU) QuickSplint French

Prescriber (IFU) QuickSplint Spanish

Prescriber (IFU) QuickSplint German

Prescriber (IFU) QuickSplint Portuguese

Speed2Treat IFU How to Make a QuickSplint


Dr. Joshua Austin Evaluates QuickSplint Dental Economics

Dr. Joshua Austin Evaluates Speed2Treat Kit Dental Economics

Improve Your Success with Cosmetic Dentistry – Dr. John Weston

Clinical Problem Solver for Acute Jaw Pain

Orofacial Therapeutics: Creating Evidence-Based Solutions for Orofacial Pain MedTech Outlook

Speed Treatment, California Business Journal January 2021


Access Blue® VPS by Centrix

Splash Putty by Denmat

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