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Using our Provider Directory, you can find a provider near you who will get you started with QuickSplint® or Speed2Treat® and monitor your progress.

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Our Provider Directory will help you find a provider near you who can develop and continue your treatment plan after you've finished using QuickSplint®.

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This provider directory is designed to help you find the healthcare provider appropriate for you. Our goal is to help you identify the options for care, jump start your decision and reduce the trial-and-error process that many patients experience to find the right treatment for the right diagnosis.

Listed here are providers that understand the complexities of facial pain, TMJ disorders and headache. In some cases, providers have advanced training in medical or dental subspecialties, in physical medicine and/or in integrative care.

Providers in this directory differ in the types of treatment modalities and philosophies, and some treat acute and/or common conditions whereas others are specialists in diagnosis and treatment of complex conditions. We have not conducted an independent evaluation of these providers. Our goal is to present options that facilitate your search and to also promote collaboration between the medical and dental community.

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* QuickSplint® has not conducted an independent analysis of all provider listings. Please use your discretion to evaluate each provider.

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