QuickSplint® is easy to fabricate chairside in about 5-minutes.

The best way to learn how to make QuickSplint® is to watch our instructional videos. If you need further information or instruction not located on this page, please contact us so that we may answer your questions.

Scroll down to watch Dr. Lee Ann Brady discuss and demonstrate the S.A.F.E. Protocol for preventing JAMSS and the Speed2Treat Protocol for JAMSS.

Using the Hot/Cold Therapy Face Wraps
S2T Jaw Exercises Demonstration
Making the QuickSplint Overnight Oral Appliance
Hot/Cold Therapy Packs
Jaw Exercises – Majel
How it Works
Hot/Cold Therapy Face Wrap
Find Relief with the Speed2Treat Home Healing Kit
How QuickSplint Works to Relax Jaw Muscles

Watch these three videos demonstrating how to make a QuickSplint.  Each dentist shares useful clinical tips that you can also use in training your staff to fabricate QuickSplint chairside.

Dr. James Fricton Introduction

Dr. Fricton is an internationally renowned leader in the field of Orofacial Pain. His commitment to helping patients incorporate lifestyle habits that promote recovery and prevent chronic pain is enormous and we are grateful to work with him. The Online Resources component of the Speed2Treat Home Healing Kit contains +20 videos with Dr. Fricton, and calming breathing videos narrated by coach and educator Ed Harrold.

Jaw Exercises to Stop Clenching

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