QuickSplint® For Dentists

Every QuickSplint® 12-Pack contains one dozen QuickSplint® units in single patient take-home containers and include patient instructions. You can make QuickSplint® with most heavy body VPS or putty. You'll need to add 1 box of VPS OR 1 box of putty below for every QuickSplint® 12-Pack. The quantity of boxes below will update automatically based on which quantity of QuickSplint® you select above.

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How to Make

Filling QuickSplint product uniformly with Quick Bite Registration Material

Fill QuickSplint® uniformly with Quick Bite Registration Material.

Aligning the QuickSplint product on the upper or lower teeth

Align QuickSplint® on the upper or lower teeth, supporting while the patient bites down completely to seat the QuickSplint®.

Trimming excess material with a sharp blade
After VPS sets, gently remove the QuickSplint® and trim any excess material with a sharp blade. QuickSplint® is now ready for use!

Making A QuickSplint® Step By Step

Board-Certified Orofacial Pain Specialists

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Designed For Immediate, Short-Term Use

Unlike anterior bite plane (ABP) devices that are custom-made by labs and clinicians, QuickSplint® is suitable for immediate use and is designed as a transitional, short-term device. QuickSplint® saves time and money and can be made chairside by auxiliary staff.

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Minimize Post-Op Complications​

Provide QuickSplint® the day of dental procedures to inhibit overnight parafunctional clenching and prevent possible complications from microtrauma and jaw sprain/strain.

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Restorative Case Planning Aid​

Simplify deprogramming for centric bite records, diagnose parafunction, and engage your patient in the conversation about the possible impact on the restorative case. Protect temporaries and new restorations.

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Diagnose and Treat TMD​

Provide same-day relief for jaw pain or headache while you determine a definitive care plan. Use QuickSplint® in your differential diagnosis of sprain/strain or other conditions of the jaw, joints, and muscles. QuickSplint® helps you determine whether oral appliance therapy is beneficial and tolerated.

QuickSplint® 12-Pack - Custom-Fit Night Guard
QuickSplint for Dentists

Every QuickSplint® 12-Pack Contains One Dozen QuickSplint® Units In Single Patient Take-Home Containers That Include Patient Instructions - QuickSplint®

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