The Quick And Easy Temporary Splint That Improves Patient Care

QuickSplint® is an occlusal splint designed for short-term use as an anterior bite plane and night guard. It is practical and easy to use and fabricated quickly in the dental practice at low cost.  QuickSplint was developed by an orofacial pain specialist to initiate same day treatment.

READY IN 5 MINUTES! Fabricate QuickSplint with Putty or Heavy-Body VPS

80% of Patients With Bruxism Don't Know They Brux

80% of Patients With Bruxism Don't Know They Brux

It's easy to diagnose and engage your patients with QuickSplint! 

Diagnose Bruxism Cases
Treating jaw pain effectively and safely

Treating Jaw Pain can be Tricky

It's easier to diagnose and start treatment with a QuickSplint! 

Treating Jaw Pain Cases
when used as a deprogrammer, QuickSplint provides the ideal combination of features, ease-of-use, and affordability

Deprogram Simply and Safely at Night

QuickSplint helps your patients transition to a long-term appliance.

Deprogramming Cases
Nighttime Occlusal Forces can Damage Dental Work

Nighttime Occlusal Forces can Damage Dental Work

Ensure that temps and new veneers won't dislodge with QuickSplint! 

Jaw Restoration Cases
Prevent Trismus for Higher-Risk Patients

Prevent Trismus for Higher-Risk Patients

Provide QuickSplint for post-op healing.

Prevent JAMSS Cases

QUICKSPLINT is a Recognized Clinical Problem Solver

QuickSplint was named a Clinical Problem Solver by The Dental Advisor, a Reader's Choice Top 25 First Impression Product, a Top Innovative Product for 2017 and 2018 by Dentistry Today magazine, and received favorable review by Joshua Austin, DDS, FAGD in Dental Economics magazine.


Dr. Lee Ann Brady, a nationally recognized dental educator, discusses the reasons QuickSplint can help you and your practice. Dr. Brady has been instrumental in helping us to develop educational tools for general dentists. 

Maybe you already use Jigs, the NTI or Aqualizer, or make your own acrylic deprogrammer. Try QuickSplint for yourself and compare ease of use, the time you save, patient comfort and patient willingness to pursue your treatment recommendations. 

If you are a general dentist or specialist that has not used temporary bite planes in your practice, see our Clinical Guidelines. See why specialists use QuickSplint for Endodontic, Periodontal, Implant and Oral Surgery procedures. 

"Used as a diagnostic tool, as a first line of treatment or as a step in treatment, QuickSplint is a valuable treatment tool."

John Weston, DDS

Accredited Fellow, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Director Scripps Center for Dental Care, La Jolla, CA


QuickSplint Seats the Condyles and Keeps the Teeth out of Occulsion

Dentists Love QuickSplint Because it Improves Patient Care

Patients love QuickSplint because it helps them feel better


The QuickSplint temporary bite plane makes it easier than ever to send your patients home with an immediate, comfortable solution to protect their teeth and new dental work and prevent tooth, jaw and facial pain.

Same-day treatment for acute jaw pain, orofacial pain

Diagnostic aid for parafunction and bruxism

Post-op healing aid to help jaw muscles relax and recover after dental treatment

Post-op temporary protection for anterior provisional veneers, newly placed implants, periodontal surgery, endodontically treated teeth, and other new dental resotrations

Anterior bite-plane Deprogrammer

Transitional or emergency appliance 

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