At-Home Jaw Pain Relief Backed By Experts

Speed2Treat® will help you get back to your pain-free life by delivering healing aids for jaw sprain/strain you can safely use from the comfort of your home.

At-Home Jaw Pain Relief Backed
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US Based Company
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The ONLY non-narcotic, evidence-based pain relief kit for acute head, neck, and jaw injuries.
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Relieve Acute Head, Neck, and Jaw Pain Quickly and Affordably

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The Speed2Treat® Home Healing Kit uses a combination of simple at-home treatments, progressive jaw exercises, and self-care protocols to ease your pain, decrease inflammation, and promote healing for acute head, neck, and jaw pain.

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Relieve Pain

Use our healing measures to experience steady improvement from common conditions such as:

Sleep Better

Clenching, grinding, and persistent pain can make it impossible to get a good night’s rest. The QUICKSPLINT® Custom Night Guard included in your kit will have you sleeping soundly in no time.

Improve Focus

Head, neck, and jaw pain — and the lack of sleep that comes with it — affects your ability to do your best work and be fully present throughout the day.

We supply you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re taking the proper steps toward complete pain relief and healing.

How To Use

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Find Your Fit

Once your Home Healing Kit is delivered, follow our simple instructions to easily create your QUICKSPLINT®. Use it to rest your jaw and sleep soundly at night.

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Get Your Relief

Use your Hot/Cold Therapy Face Wrap to soothe pain and reduce inflammation during the day while keeping your hands free. Then let your calming breathing techniques work their magic.

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Progressive jaw exercises restore range of motion and modify oral behaviors to help reduce clenching and reinforce positive jaw behaviors.

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Track Your Progress

Throughout your 4-week care plan, keep track of your pain and progress with your Pain Tracker. You’ll be impressed with how far you come!

Included In Your Home Healing Kit:

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QUICKSPLINT® Custom Fit Night Guard

A low-cost trial device designed for short-term use to relax your jaw muscles, prevent clenching and grinding, and relieve pain. By using QUICKSPLINT®, you’ll be able to determine whether continued use of a custom-fit night guard may be beneficial for your condition, before investing in long-term therapy.

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Hot/Cold Therapy Face Wrap

A neoprene wrap that can be personalized to fit comfortably in 6 different positions to soothe sore or inflamed head, neck, and jaw muscles while leaving your hands free. Two reusable packs can be heated or chilled and easily inserted into the wrap to apply hot or cold therapy to the affected area for immediate relief.

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Pain Tracker

With a normal recovery time for jaw sprain/strain ranging from 2 to 4 weeks, the Pain Tracker will help you determine whether you need examination by a specialist or additional care.

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Online Resources

Online videos narrated by Dr. James Fricton provide self-care training on managing pain, daily jaw and neck care, and how to avoid risk factors for delayed recovery. Also included are breath training videos to help you experience relaxing abdominal breathing and intention in relaxing facial muscles.

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Jaw Exercises

Progressive jaw exercises promote healing and help you relax the tensing and clenching behaviors that cause neck, jaw, and temple soreness and pain. When performed consistently these exercises increase your range of motion (how wide you can open your jaw).

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A treatment you can trust

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We offer a 4-week care plan for jaw sprain/strain injuries that require a consistent focus on rest and healing – similar to if you sprained your ankle. The goal of Speed2Treat® is to break the cycle of pain and inflammation before it progresses to chronic muscle tensing habits – like developing a limp when an ankle sprain is not fully recovered.

Prescribed medications can help with muscle pain, but don’t address the oral habits that delay recovery. Until now, medical and dental providers have not had a consistent “first-aid” approach to acute head, neck, and jaw injury that results in jaw sprain/strain. It is difficult to diagnose an acute TMJ disorder in the early stages of injury just like it is difficult to judge the severity of an ankle sprain after injury.

Speed2Treat® offers a way to empower your own healing with simple treatments designed to reduce your pain and disability.

Unlike other mouth guard kits, QuickSplint® is designed for a specific short-term use to stabilize your jaw joints, reduce jaw muscle “hyperactivity” or, in other words, muscle tensing habits that can spread to your neck and other facial muscles. Left untreated, muscle tensing in response to pain can result in referred pain to other areas, poor posture, headaches, fatigue, and chronic TMJ pain. QuickSplint® is designed to break this pattern as soon as possible, and the daytime exercises and hot/cold therapy provide further support.


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Joni I.

Age: 72, Location: New York

“The QUICKSPLINT® helped me kick my migraine overnight. Now I know exactly what to do when I feel one coming on, and that’s worth so much.”

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Sean R.

Age: 36, Location: Washington

“The QUICKSPLINT® gave me the relief I needed quickly. I noticed improvement on the first night of use!”

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Amy K.

Age: 49, Location: Cincinnati

“What a profound impact this had on my life in just four weeks. The QUICKSPLINT® diminished the muscle tension in my head, and I woke up feeling refreshed for the first time in a long time.”


A concussion is one of the most commonly sustained injuries in sports and recreational activities. It doesn’t matter if you are a pro-athlete, or just enjoy tossing a ball around with your friends or kids––the risk exists. Although classified as a trauma to the brain, it is essential not to overlook the impact of concussion on the body. A cognitive AND physical examination is necessary for the initial concussion diagnosis, and consideration of both aspects is fundamental when creating a recovery plan. If you have suffered a recent concussion, or have ongoing symptoms, there are some solutions to rehab the body, as well as the brain to help rebuild your physical activity levels.
Suffering from Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ) can add stress to your life—but stress can also influence or even trigger TMJ issues. One of the toughest realities of having TMJ is that it is a multifactorial problem, meaning there are multiple triggers and causes of the disorder with many of them overlapping and influencing each other in a painful, self-perpetuating cycle.
Athletes of many popular sports are at risk of specific injuries, including injuries of the head, neck, and jaw. As they are closely related, trauma to one often impacts the others. Trauma to any of these parts can result in facial injury, face pain, headaches, concussions, and, commonly, TMJ disorder.
Orofacial Therapeutics, LP announced that the company has been named a Top 10 Pain Solution Provider by MedTech Outlook, a magazine for the medical industry that focuses on new ways of tackling healthcare challenges. Orofacial Therapeutics was selected for addressing facial pain in a manner that is low cost, scalable, and establishes a new model for delivering standardized care for acute musculoskeletal pain conditions of the head and/or neck.

Get The Relief You Need In The Comfort Of Your Own Home, Today!

Speed2Treat® includes simple treatment measures to reduce pain and inflammation in facial, jaw, and neck muscles.

Your jaw joints are two of the most heavily used joints of your body. Like an ankle sprain, you should not wait for jaw sprain/strain to get worse. Speed2Treat® was developed by orofacial pain specialists to provide an at-home treatment option, based on a simple orthopedic model of care, suggested for the first 2 to 4 weeks following the onset of pain or injury.

Follow our simple steps to rest and heal. Increase your chances for normal recovery and reduce the likelihood that you might need extensive and/or costly treatment.

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Everything you need to know about the Home Healing Kit. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please write questions to us at

QuickSplint® is a first step in treatment for most people. However, QuickSplint® is designed as a short-term device and sometimes does not work – for example, some people cannot tolerate any device in their mouths, and some people have degenerated jaw joints. If you have tried wearing QuickSplint® at night and it is uncomfortable, stop using it and try your best with other components of the Speed2Treat® Home Healing Kit.

Clean your QuickSplint® daily by rinsing thoroughly under tap water, shake the excess water and air dry. When needed, use an ultra-soft toothbrush and water to gently clean your QuickSplint®. You may periodically disinfect your QuickSplint® by soaking in a half-and-half mixture of mouthwash and water for 10 minutes. DO NOT clean your QuickSplint® in boiling water, denture cleaner, or soak it in hydrogen peroxide.

QuickSplint® can be fit for either upper or lower teeth. We recommend that you try the tray on your upper and lower teeth, and bite down to see which is more comfortable for you BEFORE you start mixing the putty.

QuickSplint® is sometimes not as effective as the other treatment modalities in the Speed2Treat Kit. QuickSplint® may not be beneficial if you have jaw mobility greater than 60mm. QuickSplint® should not be fit on or over broken or loose teeth. QuickSplint® is not for emergencies involving swelling and is not a treatment option for open lock jaw.

Jaw popping is a clinical condition that can be normal and episodic, or a sign of a more complicated condition. Our products are designed to reduce pain and disability in jaw function for acute musculoskeletal injuries. If you are concerned about your jaw popping and it is painful, you should discuss this with your dentist.

Studies show that 80% of patients who brux (grind their teeth) are not aware of this behavior. If you see grind marks on your QuickSplint®, it’s a good idea to bring your QuickSplint® to your next dental appointment and discuss this with your dentist. Your dentist can determine which type of long-term mouth guard will work best for protecting your teeth and addressing your bruxism.

If this happens, pull all of the putty out and use your remaining putty to remake the QuickSplint®. DO NOT attempt to glue the liner back into the tray.

No. Please go to the Emergency Room or make an appointment with an Orofacial Pain Specialist. Click here to find a provider near you.

QuickSplint® is a type of mouth guard designed for short-term use of up to six weeks, or under the care of a dentist. Over a longer period of time there is the possibility that your back teeth can shift and create an “open bite”.

If QuickSplint® has been helpful to you and you would like to continue wearing a mouth guard when you sleep, this is helpful information for your dentist to consider transitioning you to a long-term oral appliance customized to your needs. Not all mouth guards have the same functional purpose. Consider using our provider directory to find a dentist who specializes in splint therapy (treatment with oral appliances).

Yes. QuickSplint® is not recommended for continuous daytime wear unless you are under supervision of a dentist.

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