QuickSplint® is easy to fabricate chairside in about 5-minutes.

How QuickSplint Works to Relax Jaw Muscles

Watch these three videos demonstrating how to make a QuickSplint.  Each dentist shares useful clinical tips that you can also use in training your staff to fabricate QuickSplint chairside.

How To Use QuickSplint® In Your Dental Practice

Dr. Lee Ann Brady explains how she uses QuickSplint® in her dental practice and dental education courses.

Dr. Katie To Makes A QuickSplint Chairside
Dr. Lee Ann Brady Provides Tips on Making A QuickSplint

Dr. Lee Ann Brady demonstrates how to make a QuickSplint® for a patient. In this video, she is using Access Blue fast-set heavy body VPS by Centrix. You can use your favorite brand of VPS or putty, but not all materials are the same. Look for a VPS that is firm and retentive, and easy to trim without pulling out of the tray or becoming brittle.

Dr. Brad Eli Shows How to Fit and Trim QuickSplint

Dr. Eli demonstrates having the patient bite down into the QuickSplint and how to trim excess VPS and deliver.

We've Learned Something Valuable When QuickSplint Doesn't Work

Dr. Lee Ann Brady explains why use of QuickSplint will have one of 3 outcomes – patient feels better, the same, or worse. This helps in the diagnostic process and Dr. Brady gives examples of how to explain this to your patient.

Jaw Exercises to Stop Clenching – in the S2T How To Folder
Using Speed2Treat Home Healing Kit in Your Practice

This video provides an overview of the objectives and the components of the Speed2Treat Home Healing Kit and guided 4-Week Care Plan.

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