Parafunction Risk Rating Protocol


The Parafunction Risk Rating is a universal grading system that is applied to dental patients that allows you to identify risk, develop a treatment strategy, and factor this risk into an informed consent or referral to a specialist.

By downloading this set of documents, your practice will have a ready-to-administer protocol for assessing bruxism, clenching, or other parafunction.

Provide the Questionnaire and Patient Handout together with a QuickSplint for wear over a 2 to 4- week period; the Follow-up Evaluation form is used for consult and treatment planning when the patient returns. 




Parafunction Risk Rating (PRR) Protocol - This is a summary of the Protocol and objectives. Consider this Protocol a tool for hygiene to initiate at annual recall.

Parafunction Risk Rating (PRR) Patient Questionnaire & Hand-out - Provide the Questionnaire at the initial consult and discuss patient findings. Many patients are not aware that they brux and it may be interesting to compare initial responses to their own follow-up reflections. This form can also help identify prior history that may not have been previously reported. 



Parafunction Risk Rating (PRR) Table - This table is designed to be shared with your patients and to assist in explaining  your recommendations. We also have laminated cards for chairside use with patients. 

Parafunction Risk Rating (PRR) 4-Week Follow-up Evaluation Form - Evaluate wear marks on the QuickSplint and discuss your findings and patient’s own assessment. Some patients will be highly motivated to protect their dentition and appreciate your recommendation of a full arch appliance; other patients who want to have you monitor their condition should be rechecked annually. Your evaluation form can be factored into your Informed Consent documentation for your patients who need to protect new restorations with full arch appliance (i.e. anterior veneers.)