How It Works

QuickSplint® is a type of anterior bite plane (ABP) that works similarly to an anterior deprogrammer. The principle behind the ABP appliance is that when posterior teeth are kept out of contact, the elevator muscles don’t fire with the same force, reducing the load across the jaw system and allowing the muscles to release. The lack of posterior tooth contact also releases the lateral pterygoid muscles allowing a seated condylar position. In addition to reducing muscle tension, the QuickSplint also functions to quiet the neurological process by dampening the pain pathways – helping to both relax muscles and reduce the possible escalation of pain.

Credit for over fifty years of science goes to Dr. Nathan Allen Shore, Dr. William Solberg, Dr. James Fricton, and Dr. Glenn Clark for our understanding of ABP’s for short-term use for deprogramming and/or pain. Several variations of ABPs have been made by labs and clinicians, but there are only a few ABPs that are suitable for immediate use and only the QuickSplint is purposely designed for transitional use. The slightly larger size of QuickSplint provides more protective coverage and mitigates aspiration risk.

A major advantage of the QuickSplint temporary oral appliance design is that wear marks from clenching and bruxing are recorded onto the QuickSplint. This provides visual evidence of parafunction that you can discuss with your patients using materials from the Parafunction Risk Rating Protocol designed for patient education of their condition and informed consent.

QuickSplint is patented and has received CE approval and FDA 510k clearance for the immediate transitional treatment of muscle and/or temporomandibular joint pain and associated headaches, and for the protection of teeth and restorations from injury due to bruxism or clenching. 

Indications for Use:

  1. Protection of teeth and restorations from injury due to bruxism or clenching.
  2. Temporary relief of muscle tension, headaches and pain associated with bruxism or clenching
  3. Temporary treatment of Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD) along with the relief of associated headaches and pains.

Disclaimer: QuickSplint® may not be suitable for all patients. This product should be used with care in patients with jaw mobility restrictions or hypermobility.

Note: QuickSplint® is to be used primarily when sleeping to prevent pain or damage to teeth or restorations resulting from extreme forces on the teeth with the activity known as grinding, bruxism or clenching. Prescribers may suggest the patient wear the QuickSplint® during the day as well for pain relief or to promote healing from surgical procedures, under the prescriber’s direction.


  • Known allergies to Polycarbonate Resin or Vinyl Polysiloxane (VPS.)


  • QuickSplint® should not be fit on or over compromised teeth.
  • QuickSplint® is not recommended for continuous wear (24 hours/day) for an extended period.
  • The Vinyl Polysiloxane liner must engage the retention features of the QuickSplint® or you will need to reload and remake the QuickSplint.
  • Ensure QuickSplint® has a stable fit with adequate retention to prevent dislodging or loss during use.