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Orofacial Therapeutics is dedicated to supporting the clinicians who treat orofacial pain and those who suffer from facial, head, neck and jaw pain by providing resources and tools to aid in recovery, and by maintaining a referral network for patients seeking clinicians who specialize in the treatment, prevention and management of chronic pain. 



The importance of respecting pain and honoring each individual's desire to recover quickly with pain management tools that fit lifestyle and medical condition.

The difficulty patients have knowing when to seek medical care and when to go.

The hesitation patients with facial, head, neck and jaw pain may have to pursue care because they don't know if treatment will be complex, time consuming and/or costly.

It can be difficult to coordinate care across conflicting medical and dental insurance providers.



    Each person responds differently to the tissue damage from facial, head, neck and jaw injury - and to the physical and emotional stresses associated with injury and disability - and this may complicate making an accurate diagnosis or appropriate treatment plan.

    Patient response to stress, patient engagement in self-care, and patient confidence in the medical help they receive are all factors in the recovery period.

    Not all patients are confronting their dilemma of facial, head, neck and jaw pain immediately after an acute injury/trauma. Some have an ongoing condition and some may have seen other professionals but have not obtained relief.

    It can be difficult to coordinate patient care and treatment plans across different medical, dental and physical medicine disciplines.


      Dr. Eli & Dr. Fricton give a brief history of our company and its mission

      Our mission is to collaborate with dental educators to provide diagnostic aids and initial treatment protocols for acute jaw and muscle sprain/strain. We support specialists and general dentists with tools to quickly diagnose and treat your patients effectively while minimizing possible progression to a chronic or more complex condition.

      Dr. Brad Eli: Following my post-graduate training, I spent 10 years in the pain centers of hospitals at both Loma Linda University and University of California San Diego. As an educator and provider, I was part of a multi-disciplinary team of care providers faced with the most challenging pain conditions. During the last 20 years I have been in a private practice environment specializing in the care and treatment of facial pain, TMJ disorders, headache management, and treatment of sleep disordered breathing. I invented the QuickSplint® to address a number of different issues related to the jaw and associated muscles.

      Our mission expanded with the help of Dr. Lee Ann Brady, Dr. John Weston, Dr. Peter Nordland, Dr. Gary Carr, and other dental colleagues. We aim to meet the needs of dentists for practical tools for diagnosing parafunction, minimizing risk of jaw injury from long dental procedures, initiating treatment for acute jaw pain, and determining when to refer to an orofacial pain specialist.

      Dr. James Fricton: We realized that we could make an important contribution to healthcare if we gave dentists a better understanding of how to react to jaw pain on the front lines of dentistry, and how to prevent jaw joint and muscle sprain/strain (JAMSS) that can result from hyperextension of the jaw during long dental procedures. Research has shown us that pain management becomes increasingly difficult if the pain persists.

      We developed a diagnostic protocol called the Speed2Treat Protocol for JAMSS, to help dentists have a clear protocol for the diagnosis and treatment of postoperative jaw and muscle pain and a guide to risk assessment for their patients. JAMSS is an acronym for Jaw and Muscle Sprain/Strain. We have developed several self-care instructions, jaw stretches, and exercises for dentists to provide their patients.

      We encourage adoption of these simple protocols in all dental training programs, whether the QuickSplint or a comparable product is used and recommended. Please contact us for use of our training materials, speaking engagements, or product samples. We welcome your suggestions and feedback.


      Brad Eli, DMD, MS

      Temple University DMD

      UCLA full time post-doctoral training (2 years)

      Specialist in Orofacial Pain, TMD and Sleep Disorders

      Diplomate, American Board of Orofacial Pain

      Diplomate, American Sleep and Breathing Academy

      Assistant Professor Anesthesiology / PMR educator for pain center Loma Linda University, UCSD and Scripps

      Holds multiple patents in the fields of sleep and pain

      Private practice specializing in the treatment of jaw, face, head and neck pain, sleep disorders and breathing




      James Fricton, DDS, MS

      University of Iowa BS, DDS

      UCLA, Residency and MS, Anesthesiology and Pain Management

      Has dedicated his career to patient care and research in temporomandibular and orofacial pain

      Professor Emeritus, University of Minnesota School of Dentistry, Medicine and Public Health

      Numerous Board Positions: AAOP, ABOP, American Pain Society

      Author of TMJ and Craniofacial Pain: Diagnosis and Management in Orofacial Pain and TMJ Disorders