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    Check out our new products!

    Speed2Treat Home Healing Kit

    The Speed2Treat Home Healing Kit contains treatment and self-care measures organized into a simple 4-Week Care Plan. Contents Include: 

    • The QuickSplint Overnight Oral Splint: Easy to make in minutes, QuickSplint  reduces jaw and neck muscle hyperactivity (clenching) in response to pain and strain. QuickSplint is designed for short-term use only, to be worn during sleep.
    • Hot/Cold Therapy Packs: Neoprene wrap fits comfortably in 3 different positions for sore head, neck and jaw muscles. Two reusable packs are provided and can be easily inserted in the neoprene wrap to apply hot or cold therapy to the most appropriate area.
    • Guidebook: Follow the easy steps to start the to recovery, using the PainTracker and the HEALS Tracker in the Guidebook to help your patient chart their progress and discuss their symptoms with you at follow up appointments at 2 weeks and 4 weeks.
    • Online Resources: Narrated videos by internationally renowned pain expert, Dr. James Fricton and Ed Harrold, an expert breath coach.  Patients watch these educational and supportive videos in the comfort of their home.
    •  Virtual Reality (VR) Headset: A cardboard VR Headset  is provided and for patients with iPhones and adequate internet service, we have included a free 30-day trial of virtual reality videos available on an Opera VR app for iPhones (Android will be available at a future date.) The VR videos are designed to help patients relax and down-regulate their nervous system. The Opera VR app (Apple Store only) is free for 30 days; $5.99 per month if users would like to continue enjoying the VR. Discretion is advised for patients recovering from mild traumatic brain injuries such as concussion or whiplash.

     1 Professional Kit = $95

    4 Professional Kits = $340

    6 Professional Kits = $430


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