QuickSplint® is easy to fabricate chairside in about 5-minutes.

The best way to learn how to make QuickSplint is to watch our instructional videos. If there is information or instruction that you need that you cannot locate on the video page, please contact us so that we may answer your questions.

Scroll down to watch Dr. Lee Ann Brady discuss and demonstrate the S.A.F.E. Protocol for preventing JAMSS and the Speed2Treat Protocol for JAMSS.

Videos posted here and on the Orofacial Therapeutics Vimeo Channel are available for download for Study Club and staff meetings. We can also send you a link to a DropBox folder with photos and slides, or provide a flash-drive for your upcoming meetings.

How QuickSplint Works

This is an anatomical animation of wearing the QuickSplint and how it
inhibits clenching and grinding on the posterior teeth. Keep in mind
that QuickSplint can be worn on the upper or lower arch, with the same benefits.


Dr. Katie To is a highly successful cosmetic dentist who uses QuickSplint to help patients with jaw pain or bruxism. She demonstrated how quick and simply it is to deliver the QuickSplint chairside, using Futar D VPS (because she likes the product and the color!). She has great practical tips.

How to Make a QuickSplint

Dr. Lee Ann Brady demonstrates how to make a QuickSplint for a patient. In this video she is using Access Blue fast-set heavy body VPS by Centrix. You can use your favorite brand of VPS or putty, but not all materials are the same. Look for a VPS that is firm and retentive, easy to trim without pulling out of the tray or becoming brittle.

Loading the QuickSplint Tray

Getting the Right QuickSplint Fit and Retention

What to Look for in Making a QuickSplint

Trim QuickSplint with a Scalpel

How Far Should the Patient Bite Through the QuickSplint?

You can See Grid Marks When Determining Bruxism Behavior

1 - What is JAMSS Protocol to Help a Patient get Speedy Treatment as explained by Dr. Lee Ann Brady

2 - Why JAMSS is Important to Understand

3 - Initiating Jaw Sprain Treatment Within 30-Days of Injury

4 - Reviewing the Care Plan with your Jaw Pain Patient

5 - Using QuickSplint to Initiate Treatment for a Jaw Sprain

6 - Assess Jaw Muscles (Demonstration)