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    Buy 3 Get 1 Free: 12-Packs & Combos - Code 6116

    Funnel-Section 9 Treat Jaw Sprain/Strain



    The QuickSplint anterior bite plane can be fabricated chairside in 5 minutes meaning you can begin treatment for jaw pain immediately. 

    Its easier to treat jaw sprain/strain 

    QuickSplint provides practice teams with an immediate way to relieve jaw pain and get patients on the path to healing. Here are some real-life scenarios where QuickSplint can be a powerful clinical solution. 

    A) Tight schedule and patients presenting with jaw pain

    You have seen 30 patients today and three patients present with jaw complaints. You don't have time to fully evaluate each case, nor do you feel confident that you will be able to retain the level of detail each one presents, given all that's happened today.

    B) Patient has acute flare up again

    The patient wants pain relief. In the back of your mind, you can visualize how hard she is clenching as she is talking about her condition. You can see her today, but you can’t deliver a new custom splint like the one she stopped wearing last year. Her jaw needs a little rest and she needs to retrain certain oral habits, and she needs it today before she gets worse.

    C) Patient calls, he can barely open his jaw today

    Endo surgery yesterday went fine. The patient filled the pain med prescription, but today he can barely open his jaw.  He wants to know what to do and he sounds freaked out (he was referred by your favorite colleague.)