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    Check out our special for Cosmetic Dentistry


    This special collection of QuickSplint® and Speed2Treat® products promotes healing for restorative and cosmetic dental patients - and that makes the patient and practice team happy! 

    QuickSplint Improves Patient Care 

     Three (3) Combo Packs of QuickSplint (36 units + 6 VPS) to diagnose, treat, protect, and heal patients (and help prevent emergencies and recalls.)

    • Simplify deprogramming and centric bite records
    • Protect temporaries and newly placed veneers
    • Diagnose Bruxism
    • Minimize post-op jaw sprain/strain and microtrauma

     Two (2) Parafunction Risk Rating laminated cards and rating system aid in patient interviews. Helps practice teams easily identify and monitor parafunction risk during restorative case planning.
     One (1) Healing Notepad with 50 tear-off patient sheets that explain how QuickSplint is used to protect teeth (or temporaries/provisionals), gums, and jaw in post-op situation.

    Speed2Treat Home Healing Kit Provides Same-Day Expert Care for Jaw Pain

    Three (3) Speed2Treat Home Healing Kits for acute jaw sprain/strain that provide patients with same-day pain relief and 4-week treatment plan for jaw pain, and associated head and neck pain. It is a first of its kind complete solution designed by orofacial pain experts - that you will be thrilled to offer your patients. The Home Healing Kit includes:

    • QuickSplint temporary bite plane     
    • Hot/Cold Therapy Face Wrap
    • 4-week exercise stretching program
    • Videos by orofacial pain expert, James Fricton, DDS, MS

     (1) Patient Flyer - "If You Have Jaw Pain" (25 copies) 
    • (3) Hot/Cold Therapy Face Wraps - let your staff try these!

    "Speed2Treat is an affordable way to offer your patients a great service and product when they need you most - when they are in pain." Read Dr. Joshua Austin's evaluation of the Speed2Treat Home Healing Kit 

    Practice Management Summary: The retail value of this Special Package is $1,155; you save 25% and receive three additional Hot/Cold Therapy Face Wraps for your team! We estimate your practice revenue is $3,920 for a 200% return on investment. Our assumptions are $99 per QuickSplint; 36 units yields $3,564, and for each Speed2Treat Home Healing Kit, you charge $200 plus the potential for splint therapy; 3 Kits is a conservative estimate of $600. Total estimated practice revenue is $3,920.

    Cosmetic Dentistry Special
    Cosmetic Dentistry Special
    How cosmetic dentists can offer jaw pain solutions
    Cosmetic Dentistry Special
    Cosmetic Dentistry Special
    Cosmetic Dentistry Special
    Cosmetic Dentistry Special

    Cosmetic Dentistry Special


    This Special Package includes 3 QuickSplint 12-Packs with VPS, 3 Speed2Treat Home Healing Kits, Parafunction discussion aids, Healing Note-pad and Jaw Pain Patient Brochures, plus 3 free Hot/Cold Therapy Wraps for you team.