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    Speed2Treat™ Home Healing Kit for Head, Neck and Jaw Injury

    Cost-effective and Simple, Like an Ace® Bandage for the New and Jaw, with Self-Care Measures



    Acute jaw joint or muscle sprain/strain (JAMSS) following dental care

    Trauma involving the head and neck such as whiplash from a motor vehicle collision or sports-related concussion

    Blow to the jaw, chin lacerations

    JAMSS resulting from intubation


    Components of the home healing kit are the following:

    QuickSplint Overnight Oral Appliance

    The QuickSplint is designed for short-term use only. Patients can discontinue use of the QuickSplint should discuss their experience with you or their general dentist, who will screen for signs of bruxism and identify whether the patient is a candidate for splint-therapy and/or additional imaging and evaluation.

    Hot/Cold Therapy Packs and Custom Neoprene Wrap

    Application of hot/cold therapy improves blood flow in the jaw and neck muscles and provide muscle relaxation.

    Guidebook for the 4-week care plan

    The Home Healing Kit contains Guidebook with supportive and easy to follow step-by-step guidance on self-care measures that may be helpful in easing symptoms and reducing risk factors for delayed recovery.