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    Buy 3 Get 1 Free: 12-Packs & Combos - Code 6116

    Funnel-Section 10 Treat Jaw Sprain/Strain



    Thankfully, your staff know what to do. From the front desk, to treatment coordinator to dental assistant, they all do their part to encourage the patients to start treatment with QuickSplint temporary bite plane.

    For the patients presenting with jaw pain in (A) your front desk has each patient complete the Jaw Pain Questionnaire and provides the If You Have Jaw Pain Flyer to read in the waiting room, so patients can better understand jaw pain and can relax knowing they will receive treatment today. The appointment starts with your review of the Jaw Pain Questionnaire, initial evaluation, and discussion of the use of QuickSplint and HEALS Patient Self-Care Measures. You prescribe muscle relaxants and schedule a follow-up.

    For the patients in (B) and (C) , the staff accommodate the patient's ability to come to the office today. A dental assistant is lined up to deliver the QuickSplint and provides the HEALS Patient Self-Care Measures. You stop by to confirm the fit of the QuickSplint bite plane and discuss why this sometimes happens with jaw joint and muscle sprain/strain. You prescribe muscle relaxants if appropriate. Staff schedules follow-up appointments in 1 to 3 days as appropriate.


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