Funnel-Section 5 Protect Dental Work

QuickSplint is sold in a 12-Pack: one dozen units in single patient take-home containers with instructions for short-term use.



Send your patients home with an immediate, comfortable overnight solution to protect their teeth and new dental work and prevent tooth, jaw and facial pain. Use of QuickSplint minimizes possible complications and helps smooths transitions in staged treatment.

A) Patient wants perfect anterior veneers

She is a delightful patient willing to pay for perfection. You have selected materials that will perform well under stress of her parafunctional behavior. However, she is a fierce clencher and there’s a chance that she is going to knock off her provisionals when she is on her high stakes business trip next week. Trip timing is not ideal. There have been other instances where she has come back for a re-do.

B) Wrapping up an Invisalign case

The patient is happy with her bite and new look.  She’s one of those patients that wanted to analyze all the options. She is a value investor type and believes that it’s worth paying for Invisalign if the results are lasting.   

C) Performing periodontal laser treatment with the LANAP® Protocol

Your patient has severe gum disease and wants minimally invasive treatment. He’s a good candidate who seems determined to improve his oral health that he previously neglected.