Periodontal patients often have a lot more going on with their health than just gum disease. The oral systemic link is well-established. Many have heart disease, diabetes or are afflicted with a variety of health conditions. Some are life-long smokers or have otherwise lived a life of non-compliance.

Now, for the tricky part, to keep the patient fully committed to the planned surgical path towards healing, despite the fear of treatment and the fear of pain during and after treatment. QuickSplint is the practical new aid that can help.

QuickSplint, can minimize complications prior to, during and following periodontal surgery – helping to improve the periodontal patient experience, and minimize complications associated with treatment.  

QuickSplint is the Easiest Periodontal Splint Ever

After periodontal surgery save yourself time and save your patient another 15 minutes in the chair, by using QuickSplint as the periodontal splint. With QuickSplint, you make the post-surgical periodontal splint before you begin surgery. It takes only 5 minutes and once you try it, you won’t believe all the time you will save. QuickSplint comfortably stabilizes teeth, and protects teeth, gums, jaws, and muscles from occlusal force, giving your patient added comfort and reducing possible post-procedure trauma and complications.

Minimize Post-op Jaw Sprain/Strain from Long Dental Procedures

Trauma can occur when the mouth is open too wide or for too long, resulting in strain to the masticatory muscles and/or sprain to the TMJs.  Help your patient’s jaw relax and recover by providing QuickSplint for short-term overnight wear.

QuickSplint for Dental Implants

For those patients that choose dental implants, QuickSplint solves the problem of practical protection for newly placed implants and promotes healing.