O2 Nose Filter

The O2 Nose Filter is a discreet, effective option to protect against airborne particulate matter created during dental procedures. You can easily wear the O2 Nose Filter inside your dental mask. Staff can offer the O2 Nose Filter to patients and help find the appropriate size and fit inside both nostrils. Patients will appreciate the extra care your office provides to help protect patient health.

The O2 Nose Filter uses electrostatic technology from 3M to capture allergens, viruses, and other particulates, making them a valuable addition to your current preventative practices for your dental professionals and your patients. The O2 Nose Filter is designed to be worn for up to 12 hours and is nearly invisible. It is also an effective nasal dialator for patients who are mouth breathers and would benefit from the O2 Nose Filter as a reminder to breathe through their nose.

The O2 Nose Filter comes in 3 sizes and is sold in packages of 20 units. It is also sold at Amazon.com if your patient wants to purchase the product.