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    The Speed2Treat™ Home Healing Kit is the first product to deliver evidence-based methods for addressing self-care for acute head, neck and jaw injury.  The Speed2Treat™ model of care is appropriate for mild cases of trauma involving the head and neck, such as whiplash from a motor vehicle collision or sports-related concussions, blow to the jaw or acute jaw joint and muscle sprain/strain caused by intubation or a long dental procedure.

    The Speed2Treat™ model was developed by orofacial pain experts, James Fricton, DDS, MS and Brad Eli, DMD, MS, together with James Elliott PhD, who is a global expert on neck pain and whiplash. It is a rapid and effective integrated treatment model that can be universally implemented across dental and medical professions without specialized training or equipment required.  It is also a conservative means of initiating treatment across patient populations.

    The Speed2Treat Home Healing Kit guides users through an easy-to-understand 4-Week Care Plan designed to break the cycle of pain.





    Components of the Home Healing Kit include everything you need to provide your patient:

    1. QuickSplint® Overnight Oral Appliance with putty included, to make the QuickSplint without other materials required
    2. Custom hot/cold therapy packs to reduce inflammation, and r
    3. A Guidebook for the 4-Week Care Plan, including exercises, a PainTracker (symptom improvement self-reported weekly) and daily objectives.
    4. Online resources include pain education, exercises, breath coaching, guided meditation and calming virtual reality delivered via smartphone.


    The S2T Home Healing Kit is designed to complement your diagnostic and rehabilitation program.  It can be offered after a patient has been assessed in an emergent care center, or instituted as immediate treatment until a patient can be evaluated, or for mild cases, can be used cost-effectively prior to imaging, physical medicine, long-term splint therapy or other supportive care.

    The Speed2Treat Home Healing Kit is not a substitute for appropriate medical evaluation, however it is our experience that many patients are not treated promptly.  Either they wait to get better, are confused as to which healthcare provider to contact, or fear that their insurance coverage will be inadequate. We know that the time between onset of jaw and neck musculoskeletal sprain/strain symptoms and the initiation of specific care has been identified as a contributing factor to chronicity. 

    Our experience shows that 7 out of 10 patients with mild head, neck and jaw trauma or injury (without significant prior history) who are compliant with the Speed2Treat 4-Week Care Plan will improve within four weeks to normal jaw and neck function and reduction in pain levels.  This model of care helps stratify patients into three groups:

    1. Those with symptom resolution;
    2. Patients who improve but show signs of pathologic parafunction (bruxism); and
    3. Patients with continued pain symptoms that merit further evaluation.

    The Speed2Treat 4-Week Plan intentionally endorses an arm’s length approach to care: provide conservative treatment, advice and education, and follow-up at a reasonable later time to ensure recovery is occurring as expected. Where the prognosis is favorable, there is a risk of contributing to iatrogenic disability. Iatrogenic disability is the term given to the phenomenon of making a patient feel more disabled than they may otherwise be through an insistence that they require care.



    The 4-Week Care Plan is a framework for you to determine the follow-up schedule for your patient, and determine whether additional evaluation or treatment is necessary.

    Patients or clinicians who need help in finding appropriate care are encouraged to use the new Provider Directory called FaceMyPain.com.