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    JAMSS (Jaw and Muscle Sprain/Strain)

    If not resolved within the first 30 days, injury to the jaw joints and muscles have greater than 50% chance of progressing to chronic pain.



    Speed- to-Treat® Protocol for JAMSS (Jaw and Muscle Sprain/Strain )

    The Speed-to-Treat Protocol is a four-week program for patients with acute jaw joint and muscle sprain/strain. You can incorporate the JAMSS Protocol in your practice regardless of your level of understanding of the diagnosis and management of jaw-related structures, and your patients will benefit from well-defined pathways to care, or referral to a specialist if necessary. The JAMSS Protocol emphasizes the importance of initiation of care (Speed-to-Treat) as soon as possible after injury since the passage of time can alter muscle pain and sometimes result in CNS changes.  The JAMSS Protocol includes immediate delivery of a QuickSplint, combined with movement, exercises and analgesics. We invite you to download and use this protocol for addressing acute jaw sprain/strain in your patients.

    Jaw and Muscle Sprain/Strain (JAMSS) Protocol - Brief Overview

    Self-Care Measures for Joint and Muscle Sprain and Strain

    Jaw Rx-ercises Handout

    HEALS Patient Self Care Measures Handout

    JAMSS Risk Assessment Patient Questionnaire