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    Buy 3 Get 1 Free: 12-Packs & Combos - Code 6116

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    QuickSplint provides immediate protection from nighttime occlusal forces and associated micro-trauma that can cause pain and complications -- especially for patients that exhibit parafunctional behaviors or are undergoing long procedures than can cause jaw injury or strain, or where post-op stabilization is needed. QuickSplint helps patients heal after a dental procedure in three ways:

    1. Post-op protection for new dentistry: Protects provisionals, veneers, temporaries, crowns, and other dental restorations from nighttime bruxism/clenching.
    2. Post-op prevention of jaw pain: Helps TMJ and jaw muscles to relax and recover from the strain of a long procedure.
    3. Post-op comfort: Provides the patient with a comfortable “place to rest” without occlusal pressure, protects soft tissue and surgical sites, prevents muscle guarding and helps encourage healing.