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    QuickSplint is an occlusal splint designed for short-term use as an anterior bite plane and night guard. It is practical and easy to use and fabricated quickly in the dental practice at low cost. 

    QuickSplint was named a Clinical Problem Solver by The Dental Advisor, a Reader’s Choice Top 25 First Impression Product, a Top Innovative Product for 2017 by Dentistry Today magazine, and received favorable review by Joshua Austin, DDS, FAGD in Dental Economics magazine.

    QuickSplint is patented and has received CE approval and FDA 510k clearance. QuickSplint gives dentists the ability to offer their patients an immediate solution for:

    Same-day treatment for acute jaw pain

    Same-day treatment for tension headache, facial muscle pain

    Diagnosing bruxism

    Muscle deprogramming

    Protection of provisional veneers, newly placed implants, endodontically treated teeth, and new dental restorations

    Post-op healing aid for managing jaw fatigue/jaw strain following long procedures, periodontal, or other oral surgery

    Transitional appliance

    Emergency replacement oral appliance