Helping Hand

The Helping Hand is designed to aid you and your patient prevent jaw strain. Patients have control and can open and close as needed, leading to greater sustained opening and less patient discomfort.

For patients who have a limited range of motion or show signs of fatigue

For patients who are anxious about dental procedures, or for special needs patients

When the patient regulates how much their jaw can open, the lateral pterygoid muscles remain open in a relaxed state. (The brain does not perceive danger from an involuntary jaw overstretch.) When the lateral pterygoid muscles remain relaxed, the masseter, medial pterygoid and the temporalis (closer muscles) will not fire out of sequence. 

Developed by Dr. Bruce Crispin, founder of Esthetic Professionals, the Helping Hand reduces the risk of jaw and muscle sprain/strain from opening too wide, or for too long. We are pleased to incorporate the Helping Hand into the S.A.F.E. Protocol for Prevention of Jaw Joint and Muscle Injuries (JAMSS) During Dental Treatments.

The Helping Hand is a tool that you can give to a special needs patient to bring to every dental visit. Sold individually for $10/unit or 3 for $25