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    Funnel-Section 8 Prevent Jaw Strain



    Again, your staff are on it – in (A and B) they plan for the patient to wear the QuickSplint bite plane for a few days before the prep, and they reline it for him/her after the procedure and provide the HEALS Patient Self-Care Measures. Staff informs patients that these are protective measures he/she may not need, but that these are important steps to take in case they experience any issues. Your staff schedules a few extra minutes for the prep appointment so there is time for short breaks. Your assistant helps you remember to not rest your hand on the patient’s mandible. 

    The staff handle the situation in (C) by letting you step out of the room and sharing the If You Have Jaw Pain Flyer and the HEALS Patient Self-Care Measures with the young woman and asking her if she would like to have a QuickSplint made today or wait and see how she feels in a few days.  She is very comforted by the HEALS handout and wants to try self-care measures first.

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