We invite dental and medical professionals to download any of our product information, helpful protocols and patient education materials. Please use them to benefit your patients and your practice. You can purchase these aids as tear-off notepads, or you can print them in your office for free.  Also, we can customize the If You Have Jaw Pain Flyer for your practice information (see our store). Please contact us for translations of some of the materials.


About the Protocols Section

We encourage you to download the three protocols that have been developed by orofacial pain specialists to help dental professionals. 

The Parafunction Risk Rating Protocol is a bruxism screening tool and universal grading system that that allows you to work with your patients to identify presence and/or risk of parafunction, develop a treatment strategy, and factor this risk into an informed consent or referral to a specialist.

The Speed2Treat® for JAMSS (Jaw and Muscle Sprain/Strain) Protocol and S.A.F.E Protocol for Prevention of JAMSS offer easy to follow steps and to prevent, and conservatively treat acute sudden jaw pain in the dental practice. Download and put them use in your practice -- complete with patient documentation and patient education materials. 


This information is well-designed for Study Club meetings and videos and PowerPoint presentations can be provided through Dropbox.