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    Buy 3 Get 1 Free: 12-Packs & Combos - Code 6116

    Funnel-Section 3 Deprogramming




    Many dentists think that anterior bite plane (ABP) deprogrammers are all the same. And at their core, they all do the same thing. But when used as a deprogrammer, QuickSplint provides the ideal combination of features, ease-of-use, and affordability that make it the most versatile and practical ABP deprogrammer for today's dental practice. Here are some common deprogramming scenarios you might see in your practice.

    A) New digital case, need for deprogramming

    You are excited to have this great digital case, yet your somewhat high-strung patient can present so many different bite records that it doesn’t even matter how feature-rich your technology is. It is going to take at least a couple weeks of deprogramming until you can get another shot at taking bite records.

    B) Severe wear patient wants full mouth reconstruction

    You see a new patient with severe wear that is interested in a smile make-over and wants your opinion.

    C) Patient with recurring, severe tension headaches

    You have a patient in today for his regular cleaning. He’s in a lot of pain from a tension headache and he’s miserable.