Funnel-Section 6 Protect Dental Work



In (A) you recognize this high stress situation for this beautiful professional woman. You make a QuickSplint for her to wear over her provisionals and emphasize that she brings QuickSplint with her on the trip. When it’s time for veneer placement, you reline the QuickSplint and instruct her to wear it over the new veneers when she sleeps until the lab delivers a custom appliance to protect those beautiful teeth.

In (B) you decide to give the patient a QuickSplint to wear at night, over her last set of trays. You know that can help you determine whether she needs a hard acrylic nightguard as a final retainer or just the three sets of trays you give most patients. She’s pleased that you care to check this possibility and she is willing to invest in the hard acrylic nightguard as insurance her teeth won’t move. 

In (C) you provide QuickSplint for post-operative use as a part of the LANAP Protocol to keep the teeth stable and out of occlusion while protecting the gums and fibrin clot. QuickSplint is comforting to the patient and contributes to recovery of jaw muscles and joints.


QuickSplint Post-Op Protection Bundle

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