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    Funnel-Section 4 Deprogramming



    In (A) you provide QuickSplint as a safe and comfortable overnight deprogrammer, instructing the patient to wear it overnight for two weeks. You make an appointment to take bite records and provide specific instructions for the day of the appointment. 

    In (B) you are delighted at the prospect of helping your patient with a new smile and explain the first step is proper case planning starting with investigation of possible parafunction. You provide QuickSplint for overnight wear for a period of two weeks. At the follow up, you examine the QuickSplint for wear marks, and utilize the Parafunction Risk Rating Protocol to document risk and use this determination in treatment planning and material selection.

    In (C) your hygienist alerts you to the situation. You want to help your patient get some relief, so you have your assistant make him a QuickSplint temporary bite plane to wear at night for three weeks, and provide him with HEALS Patient Self-Care Measures and JAW Rx-Ercises, daytime exercises to help with tension headaches and jaw pain. Your team makes a follow-up phone call in two days to see if he is feeling better. If he is feeling improved with the use of QuickSplint, your staff schedules him for an appointment for long-term appliance therapy.


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