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    Funnel-Section 2 Diagnose Bruxism



    Having a QuickSplint temporary bite plane and the Parafunction Risk Rating Protocol ready for these situations is the lowest cost screening mechanism by far. It’s only $20 for the QuickSplint plus the time you spend. QuickSplint provides compelling visual evidence of parafunction!

    In (A) the Periodontist fits the patient with a QuickSplint and instructed her to wear it overnight for two weeks. On her recall visit, wear marks could be seen and the patient experienced other benefits. By informing the referring dentist, the periodontist helped confirm a diagnosis of parafunction. The dentist set a treatment plan in place to protect the patient from further risk of weakening her gum structure or causing a new problem.

    In (B), you use the Parafunction Risk Rating Protocol findings and practice documentation to aid in patient communication and informed consent, such that the patient understands and appreciates how you selected the best adhesives and restorative materials for his condition.

    In (C) your practices uses the Parafunction Risk Rating Protocol as a free screening for bruxism. This type of promotion gives you more to work with in getting to know a new patient and providing a diagnostic trial and education at low cost. Now you have information to use in your treatment recommendations and subsequent annual recall.  Doesn’t this seem more meaningful than a special on free bleaching trays?

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    Finally an easy solution for diagnosing  bruxism.