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You can order the QuickSplint, the Speed2Treat Home Healing Kit or the gentle jaw and we will ship to you directly. Please go to to place your order. 

The QuickSplint Overnight Oral Appliance is designed for short-term use (up to 4 weeks) to provide temporary relief for head, neck and jaw pain/dysfunction. Recovery to normal function or the neck and jaw may occur during a 2-4 week period, after which use of the QuickSplint is not needed. Some people, however, wear the QuickSplint and experience first-hand the benefits of oral appliance therapy. The QuickSplint is NOT a replacement for a custom-made oral appliance provided by a dentist who will work with you to understand your condition and select the design of an oral appliance and the materials that is most

If the QuickSplint causes you pain and you cannot adjust to wearing the QuickSplint when you sleep, consult your dentist. This is a beneficial diagnostic finding and will help your dentist determine an appropriate treatment plan.

It is also an appropriate trial device to determine whether you grind or clench when you sleep (referred to as “bruxism” or “parafunction.”) If you wear the QuickSplint for 2-4 weeks and see grind marks on the surface of the QuickSplint, you should consider the potential damage to the hard surfaces of your teeth, and consult your dentist about oral appliances that will protect your teeth from bruxism.